Philosophy & Approach


As a Sex Therapist, it is my belief that every person is both deserving and capable of a healthy and satisfying sex life. My goal is to provide individuals and couples with the appropriate tools and skill sets to achieve this within their partnerships and personal lives. Sex Therapy and Relationship therapy can provide this.

Our past experiences and relationships can hold the key to how our adult relationships form and how our views on sex are established. My approach is to move clients through to a better understanding of their past so the emotional and psychological concerns driving their relationship and individual lives can be discovered and explored. The idea is that despite the concern whether it be hyper-sexuality, sexual dysfunction, marital distress or otherwise, there is generally always an underlying issue that is feeding the presenting issue.

I incorporate a multifaceted approach with the use of Research-Based Theory of Attachment and a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Emotional Focused Therapy.  These approaches will assist in guiding individuals and couples towards healing through the use of newly learned strategies and tools necessary to change destructive patterns into positive and healthy ones. Attachment style and effective communication will be a focus throughout the therapeutic process. I often use homework assignments and other materials for clients to practice outside of therapy sessions

In many cases therapy can be done between 6-12 sessions. This amount of time is often sufficient enough to get the clients' sexual lifestyle on a healthy and positive track. The noted therapy timelines are simply approximations, as for every individual or couple each case is unique and often varies greatly in complexity.

Services are rendered in a compassionate, safe and highly confidential setting where issues, questions or concerns can be discussed without judgment or bias.